CEPS-M Inverter
Mule Lighting - CEPS-M Inverter

CEPS-M Inverter Description

This single phase inverter provides a high efficiency system with UL924 Self-Testing and self-diagnostics. The CEPS-M has power from 175 VA/W to 1100 VA/W. The models have a gray wall mounted cabinet and high crest factor. These inverters are compatible with Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED & Quartz.

CEPS-M Inverter Benefits and Features

• Input Voltage: Field Selectable at 120VAC or 277VAC; 1-Phase 2-Wire Plus Ground +10% to -15%
• Relative Humidity <95% (Non-Condensing)
• Load Power Factor: 0.5 Lagging to 0.5 Leading
• Output Voltage Distortion Less Than 10% For Resistive Loads
• Line interactive PWM inverter type utilizing MOSFET technology with 4mS transfer time
• Compatible with Generators (10x Inverter Size)
• Maintenance Free VRLA Batteries
• Microprocessor-controlled, 3-Stage Battery Charger
• Alarms include monthly test fault, yearly test fault, charger fault, load reduction fault, output voltage low, output voltage high, overload fault, low voltage disconnect, heatsink over temp and input fuse failure