About Us

The Mule Battery Company was founded in 1923 with two thoughts in mind — to provide quality products and to back them with exemplary customer service. For over 95 years we have grown and prospered by aggressively pursuing these objectives — meeting the needs of our industry and developing products that serve our customers well.
Our business began with the development of innovative, communication grade batteries. These were products with quality built in, and backed by full customer service that was decades ahead of its time. (You can still see from our logo that they, “kicked like a Mule.”)
Over the years, as our market rapidly expanded, we saw the need to provide complete lighting equipment and systems. In 1970 Mule responded to that need by acquiring a high-quality manufacturer of emergency lighting equipment, Litecor, and becoming Mule Lighting, Inc.
The synergistic combination of technical expertise and marketing know-how produced by that acquisition has led to many more innovative product developments by Mule Lighting, Inc. Today our catalog showcases a broad line of lighting products (including emergency and exit, compact fluorescent, commercial and industrial lighting) and a range of battery products. Most recently, Mule’s innovation has resulted in the design and development of an extensive array of solid state led lighting products for a wide range of applications, from exit fixtures and emergency lighting units to decorative, accent and general purpose lighting.
Today Mule Lighting enjoys over eighty years of success and goodwill as a manufacturer that designs, markets and services a wide array of innovative lighting and related products. Best of all, we still follow those same tenets upon which we were founded – to furnish quality products and services that are focused on providing customer loyalty and satisfaction for many years after their initial purchase. We trust your experience with Mule will find this to be true.