Mule Lighting - N4X-EPX-NYC

N4X-EPX-NYC Description

Standard 120/277V input. The N4X-EPX-NYC is designed with an internal, maintenance free, valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery or optional Ni-Cad battery providing emergency lighting duration of 90 minutes. Fuse protection is standard.
The N4X-EPX-NYC comes standard in gray. Wall, ceiling or end mounting configurations are available. Ceiling and end mount versions come complete with a factory installed weatherproof steel canopy. Single or double face versions must be specified. Removable chevron arrows are standard on each unit along with an external LED status indicator and test switch. Four polycarbonate
pressure screws firmly hold the face to the housing. Top or side mounted PAR36 style emergency heads are fully adjustable. N4X-EPX-NYC is standard with PAR36 heads that are constructed of high-impact, black thermoplastic that has been sealed against moisture infiltration. Other options for heads are available.

N4X-EPX-NYC Benefits and Features

The N4X-EPX-NYC has been designed to perform in applications where the climate would punish any standard sign. The entire internal cavity of the sign is protected from moisture ingress by an extremely resilient silicone gasket. The liquid gasketing is “hot-bonded” to the lens during the manufacturing process. This procedure eliminates any chance of the gasketing to become dry and pull away from the lens. The gasketing always holds its original form and has “memory retention” so that it effectively and consistently protects the N4X-EPX-NYC from moisture. The N4X-EPX-NYC can also be equipped with an optional thermostatically controlled heater for cold environments.