MFC Series
Mule Lighting - MFC Series

MFC Series Description

High Capacity (100W-400W)
The MFC Series is ideal for individual applications where durability and reliability are prime concerns. With several styles, voltages and wattages available, the MFC Series can be used as a stand-alone fixture or in conjunction with remote heads to form an integrated system.

MFC Series Benefits and Features

• Requires fewer units to complete the job
• Sealed maintenance-free lead calcium batteries
• 120/277 Volt Selectable input (MFC50/100)
• Standard 120V input (MFC200/250/500)
• Low voltage disconnect
• Brownout protection
• 3 rate solid state charger
• High current capacity relay
• Push-to-test switch
• LED indicators (MRC50/100)
• AC & charge indicators (MFC200/250/500)
• 20 gauge metal housing with meutral white baked enamel finish
• Corrosion resistant
• Remote capability for all models
• Several lamp selections
• High impact 94V-0, thermoplastic, fully adjustable non-slip heads