Mule Lighting - MFC-NYC

MFC-NYC Description

The MFC-NYC is a specification grade unit, available with 6, 12 and 24 volt battery configurations, designed with two stage charging. The charging system offers superior performance and energy efficiency with solid state transfer, supplied with 120/277V.
The MFC-NYC is constructed with a 20 gauge steel cabinet. Terminal connectors allow for larger gauge wires to be connected for remote loads. White finish is standard (other colors optional). Emergency lighting heads are molded from high impact thermoplastic in a matching color; PAR36 (LR) style heads are standard. PAR18 (SR) style heads are optional. MR16 (BTMR) are also offered. Universal mounting pattern and key hole slots are stamped on the back and conduit knockouts on the sides of each unit.

MFC-NYC Benefits and Features

The MFC-NYC unit is supplied with two [2] top mounted PAR36 small style 9 watt thermoplastic heads in a matching color, or BTMR white steel heads utilizing MR16 lamps are also available option. SR PAR18 small style thermoplastic or BTMR white steel heads utilizing MR16 lamps are also an available option. Lamp heads can be mounted either on the top or on the sides of the unit allowing for up to four [4] heads to be mounted on the largest units (2 top, 2 sides). Both head types feature a unique locking twist collar that securely holds the lens and facilitates quick and easy re-lamping.