LPS Series
Mule Lighting - LPS Series

LPS Series Description

Midsize-electrical inverter systems for powering 375 up to 600 watts of incandescent, fluorescent, induction or LED lighting loads. Pulse width modulated (PWM) output design provides clean, 60 Hz. sinusoidal emergency power to loads. All models are designed for fast, easy wall mounting.

LPS Series Benefits and Features

• For powering incandescent, fluorescent, induction and LED fixtures
• Sinusoidal output eliminates compatibility problems
• Universal 120/277VAC, 60Hz. input/output
• Unit capacities up to 600 watts
• “Soft Start” design reduces fixture inrush current
• Unit may be installed up to 1,000 feet from controlled fixture(s)
• Lumen output from fixture is 100% of nominal
• Unique design eliminates compatibility problems with LED drivers as well as fluorescent and induction ballasts
• Compatible with dimming ballasts
• Normally-ON and/or Normally-OFF load output
• Provisions for local switching capability – Always on during emergency conditions regardless of local switch position
• Emergency fixtures can be ON, OFF or SWITCHED
• Solid-state, line latched low voltage disconnect provides protection against battery deep discharge
• Long life, maintenance-free lead-calcium battery
• Momentary test switch
• AC-ON, Charge-ON and Inverter-ON LED indicators

LPS Series Downloadable Files