Combination Series – EPX
Mule Lighting - Combination Series – EPX

Combination Series – EPX Description

Steel Combination Exit
The Combination Series is the perfect solution to stairwell/corridor egress lighting. The EPX combines a self-powered LED exit sign with two emergency lighting heads, thus eliminating the need for a separate emergency light unit in most applications. The unit powers the exit sign and two or three emergency lamp heads during an emergency. In emergency mode the EPX powers the exit sign plus up to three lighting heads. Heads can be top, side or remotely mounted. Remote capacity is 18 watts (6v) when shipped with 5.4 watt heads.

Combination Series – EPX Benefits and Features

• 20 gauge metal housing with baked enamel finish
• Energy saving LEDs
• Completely self-contained
• 120/277V input standard
• Top, side or remotely mounted heads
• Low voltage disconnect
• Brownout protection
• 100% solid state charger
• Dual LED AC pilot and “READY” indicator monitors charging status
• Push-to-test switch
• Labor saving universal mounting
• Universal chevron knockouts
• Sealed maintenance-free long-life lead calcium battery
• Standard lamp is 5.4 watt tungsten
• 90 minute run-time