Mule Lighting - CEPS-CM

CEPS-CM Description

The Illuminator CEPS-CM Series Inverter is UL 924 Listed and meets or exceeds the requirements of OSHA for emergency lighting and power. Additionally, it is NFPA70, NFPA101, NFPA110, UBC, and SBCCI and New York City approved.

CEPS-CM Benefits and Features

• 98% Efficient
• 90 Minute Run Time
• Compatible With All Lighting Loads Including LED and HID
• Users Can Separate Inverter and Battery Modules
• Microprocessor Controlled, 2×20 Character Display with Touch Pad Controls Front Panel Interface
• Maintenance-Free Sealed Lead Calcium VRLA Batteries • Circuit Breaker and Fuse Access Panel for Easy Maintenance
• Self Testing And Diagnostic With Event, Test And Alarm Logs

CEPS-CM Downloadable Files